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Windlass Baracuda 600w - Anchorlift Technic

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Windlass from Anchorlift Technic - 5 years Warranty!

These Low Profile models take up less space on the deck. Designed for smooth & silent motor/gear operation under the deck. Powerful and compact windlass with capstan for optional warping operation. Vertical shaft in stainless steel. Highspeed drop of up to 40 m (120 ft) per minute. Manual free fall with adjustable clutch. Stainless steel parts in high polished steel AISI 316L. Long term trouble-free operation. Works with chain only or rope/chain combination.
Model B1012 can also be used on stern windlass systems (Scandinavian marked mainly) and can be used on sailboats up to 42Ft.
and motorboats up to 37Ft.


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Model Number
Barracuda 900 - B912
Barracuda 600 - B612
900 watt
600 watt
12 volt
12 volt
Max Working Load:
220 kgs - 485 lbs
180 kgs - 396 lbs
Max Power Pull:
660 kgs - 1450 lbs
540 kgs - 1188 lbs

Amp draw Drop:

24 Amp No load.
18 Amp No load.
Amp draw Up approx: Normal load: 6mm chain approx 45 / 47amp.
Normal load: Rope/chain combo 35 / 38 amp.
Drop Speed:
38 m-126 ft
35 m - 115ft
Up Speed: Normal load: 6mm chain approx 22m - 85ft / 26m - 86ft min
Gypsy option 1:
Europe DIN766:
Chain. 6 mm DIN 766 Rope: 12 and 14mm
Gypsy option 2:
USA, Canada: HT G43

Chain 1/4"HT G43 - 7 mm DIN766 Rope: 1/2" - 12 mm

Gypsy option 3:
USA, Canada: HT G43

Chain 1/4"HT G43 - 7 mm DIN766. Rope combo: 9/16" - 14mm
Most used chain:

6mm DIN766 30 to 50m Europe
1/4"HT G43 15 to 25ft in combination with rope. USA, Canada

Most used rope/chain combo

DB1/4-150 165ft - 50m DB1/4-200 215ft - 65m
DB1/4-250 265ft - 80m

Most used anchors: B912 7,5kg - 16,5lbs to 10kg - 22lbs Pro Plow and Pro Claw.
Cable Size: 16mm2 - 5 AWG / 25mm2 - 3AWG Normal cable lenght.
Circuit breaker: 100 amp 80 amp
Deck thickness: 20mm - 3/4" to 40mm - 1,57" (Up to 65mm - 2,5" with longer bolts)
Switch gear: Toggle switch 90800, Rocker switch 90801, Foot switch 90900
Radio remote 91354, Combo switch pack 92080 / 92100.
8,3 kgs - 18,3 lbs
7,5 kgs - 16,5 lbs

Part No:
B912-6 Barracuda 900 SS Low. 900w 12v gypsy 6mm DIN766 chain Rope 12-14mm
B912-7 Barracuda 900 SS Low. 900w 12v gypay 1/4"HT G43 chain Rope 1/2"

B612-6 Barracuda 900 SS Low. 900w 12v gypsy 6mm DIN766 chain Rope 12-14mm
B612-7 Barracuda 900 SS Low. 900w 12v gypay 1/4"HT G43 chain Rope 1/2"

Stern installation windlass system:
Sailboats up to 42Ft.
Motorboat up to 37Ft


Anchorlift Technic

Anchorlift Technic

Anchorlift Technic has designed and manufactured anchor systems, anchor winches and davit solutions for over 30 years. It is Roy Ilerød who runs the company with production facilities in Leangbukta in Asker, where almost everything that can be called winch through the years has been a check and test. There are very few other anchor manufacturers who come up with something new, 90% of other manufacturers offer the traditional anchor and adhere to it. Anchorlift Technic is constantly evolving and proud of new products in all segments such as XR Anker with technology to turn around when it is upside down and stick to a maximum of 3 meters.
We are modest enough to claim that there are few who know more about anchor winch than Anchorlift Technic, please ask us for advice and tips regarding assembly. Anchorlift Technic only uses steel material from Europe, here is a high quality focus and everything is being carefully tested before releasing products to the market. Products from Anchorlift Technic are easy to use, high quality, solid and look good.
Anchorlift Technic conducts continuous product development and strives to be the best in its segments.