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Anker XR - for Motorbat fra Anchorlift Technic

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XR Anker fra Anchorlift Technic 

Ny utviklet anker fra Anchorlift Technic som har 60% mer holdeflate enn tradisjonell bruce anker, ankeret har også teknologi til å snu seg om det havner opp-ned på bunn. Med sin unike profil blir parkering av ankeret mer beskjedent og ankeret tar inntil 10-15cm mindre plass enn vanlig bruse anker. Anchorlift Technic sin produksjons måte gjør også at ankeret fra Anchorlift Technic veier 60% av vanlig tradisjonelt anker.  


Anchorlift new XR anchor is specifically designed to get the anchor parked so close to the bow as possible.
The special design of anchor wing allows the anchor not beating in the bow when parked in roller.
Anchor arm also has its function in that the anchor goes out and clear of the bow before it goes down.
Low weight has also been important without it having gone out of the anchor's holding power,
as this is intended to be used on sport fishing boats and other boats which will have as little
weight in the bow as possible. Anchorlift XR anchor is made of the same physical sizes as the famous Bruce
anchor, but the weight is only about 60% compared with the Bruce anchor.
Anchorlift XR anchor is made of Aisi 316L high polish stainless steel. European made.


XR Stainless
Steel Models
Bruce / Claw
XR  Weight Blade Area Boat Size
XR6 5kg / 11lbs

4,3 kgs / 9,5 lbs

455 sq cm up to 22 feet


7,5kg / 16,5lbs 5,2 kgs / 11,5 lbs 552 sq cm up to 28 feet
XR10     10kg / 22lbs 7,4 kgs /  16,3 lbs 670 sq cm up to 35 feet
XR15     15kg / 33lbs 10,5 kgs / 23 lbs 855 sq cm up to 40 feet
XR20    20kg / 44lbs 14 kgs /  30,8 lbs 993 sq cm up to 50 feet
XR25 25kg / 55lbs 20 kgs / 44lbs 1150 sq cm up to 55 feet
XR30     30kg / 66lbs 23,5 kgs / 52 lbs 1292 sq cm up to 60 feet
XR40  40kg / 88lbs  31kg / 68lbs  1508 sq cm up to 65 feet 


50kg / 110lbs 32 kgs / 70,5 lbs 1745 sq cm up to 75 feet


80kg / 176lbs 52 kgs /114,5 lbs 2252 sq cm up to 90 feet


120kg / 264lbs 90 kgs /198 lbs 3004 sq cm up to 110 feet
Anchorlift Technic

Anchorlift Technic

Anchorlift Technic has designed and manufactured anchor systems, anchor winches and davit solutions for over 30 years. It is Roy Ilerød who runs the company with production facilities in Leangbukta in Asker, where almost everything that can be called winch through the years has been a check and test. There are very few other anchor manufacturers who come up with something new, 90% of other manufacturers offer the traditional anchor and adhere to it. Anchorlift Technic is constantly evolving and proud of new products in all segments such as XR Anker with technology to turn around when it is upside down and stick to a maximum of 3 meters.
We are modest enough to claim that there are few who know more about anchor winch than Anchorlift Technic, please ask us for advice and tips regarding assembly. Anchorlift Technic only uses steel material from Europe, here is a high quality focus and everything is being carefully tested before releasing products to the market. Products from Anchorlift Technic are easy to use, high quality, solid and look good.
Anchorlift Technic conducts continuous product development and strives to be the best in its segments.