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Princess stearn mounted windlass

Princess V42- V45 - V48 - V52 stearn mounted windlass from Anchorlift Technic 

Mounting on these boats is very competitive with an Anchorlift Technic anchor winch package, for opposites from Engbo, Lewmar, Quick, Ilas and others, you can use the same bracket and same winch for 6 different assemblies. This simplifies assembly and reduces assembly time if you suddenly face a problem during assembly, as often happens. Boats are made so different and we as owners like to buy lots of equipment that are often to be stored or connected in the same area. We usually say that with an Anchorlift Technic winch, assembly time will be about the same if the boat is 20 or 40 feet, one is longer to walk, but the less knot and more because of space. Then there are self-contained variants in between this.
Below there are some pictures of our fittings on Princess boats. For questions please contact for tips and guiding we are more than happy to help with knowledge.

Princess 42
Princess V45 hekk instalasjon Anchorlift Technic 
Princess 57
Princess V53 Hekk installasjon Anchorlift Technic
Princess V42
Princess V50 hekk installasjon av Anchorlift Technic


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