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Anchorlift remote control upgraded

New remote control for Anchorlift windlass - fits all old Anchorlift winch models.

New remote control for the Anchorlift windlass system is IP64 in density. This new Anchorlift winch remote control comes in 4 channel edition that allows you to control 2pcs anchor winches, 2pcs thrusters or a thruster and anchor winch. Pre-programmed in the device is Anchorlift's - Auto-drop function! This feature makes many people perceive as free-dropp but on an Anchorlift windlass system, the rope / chain is mechanical moved in and out. At Autodropp, press the button once and the program in the remote control runs out the rope / chain for about 40 seconds which corresponds to the Anchorlift's anchor winch models about 25m length, if you want 25m, press again when the anchor winch stops. This feature allows one to get a controlled drop of anchor and no major stresses for the windlass system in the boat.

Anchorlift 92004 remote






The older version of the remote control from Anchorlift, which is ovoid in gray or black, was sold from 2008-2015. This has a varied lifespan but a weakness is that moisture enters the control and one does not always get the buttons to work. Important that with this type of control you regularly spray with a little CRC or similar, in order to increase the lifetime. If it has started to give you problems, then we recommend switching because you will regret the day you need it and it doesn't work - right then! send us mail or order in online store.


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