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Anchorlift remote control upgraded


New remote control for Anchorlift windlass - fits all old Anchorlift winch models.

New remote control for the Anchorlift windlass system is IP64 in density. This new Anchorlift winch remote control comes in 4 channel edition that allows you to control 2pcs anchor winches, 2pcs thrusters or a thruster and anchor winch. Pre-programmed in the device is Anchorlift's - Auto-drop function! This feature makes many people perceive as free-dropp but on an Anchorlift windlass system, the rope / chain is mechanical moved in and out. At Autodropp, press the button once and the program in the remote control runs out the rope / chain for about 40 seconds which corresponds to the Anchorlift's anchor winch models about 25m length, if you want 25m, press again when the anchor winch stops. This feature allows one to get a controlled drop of anchor and no major stresses for the windlass system in the boat.

Anchorlift 92004 remote






The older version of the remote control from Anchorlift, which is ovoid in gray or black, was sold from 2008-2015. This has a varied lifespan but a weakness is that moisture enters the control and one does not always get the buttons to work. Important that with this type of control you regularly spray with a little CRC or similar, in order to increase the lifetime. If it has started to give you problems, then we recommend switching because you will regret the day you need it and it doesn't work - right then! send us mail or order in online store.



Anchorlift anchor turner kit


Anchorturner kit from Anchorlift Technic 

The anchortuner kit from Anchorlift Technic guides and helps the anchor to be parked in correct position in the bow roller. Its always important to look after the anchor when arriving to surface and take it slow the last distance to parking position. This kit works for anchors from 5kg to 100kg, for more info send us a mail. see video below. 



Princess stearn mounted windlass


Princess V42- V45 - V48 - V52 stearn mounted windlass from Anchorlift Technic 

Mounting on these boats is very competitive with an Anchorlift Technic anchor winch package, for opposites from Engbo, Lewmar, Quick, Ilas and others, you can use the same bracket and same winch for 6 different assemblies. This simplifies assembly and reduces assembly time if you suddenly face a problem during assembly, as often happens. Boats are made so different and we as owners like to buy lots of equipment that are often to be stored or connected in the same area. We usually say that with an Anchorlift Technic winch, assembly time will be about the same if the boat is 20 or 40 feet, one is longer to walk, but the less knot and more because of space. Then there are self-contained variants in between this.
Below there are some pictures of our fittings on Princess boats. For questions please contact for tips and guiding we are more than happy to help with knowledge.

Princess 42
Princess V45 hekk instalasjon Anchorlift Technic 
Princess 57
Princess V53 Hekk installasjon Anchorlift Technic
Princess V42
Princess V50 hekk installasjon av Anchorlift Technic



Our windlasses



All Anchorlift Technic anchor winches can be used with both ropes and chains, but we recommend using chains as this is more durable and provides a safer and faster anchorage.
With Auto-Drop function on Anchorlift Technic's winches, the anchor winch 25m chain / rope leads before it stops. That is, we do not release anchor and chain as other manufacturers do, we control the speed and length that will expire. This avoids high noise, smell and heavy strain on boat and winch.




Benetau 850WA installation


Benetau 850WA stearn windlass installation - Anchorlift Technic 

This installation became a very neat installation, we have used the following equiment: Deck mounted Barracuda 900w with 6mm stainless steel chain, stearn roller 90127 with Anchorlift Technic XR10 Anchor.

See pictures from installation.


Ankerteknikk 850wa3

Ankerteknikk 850wa4

Ankerteknikk 850wa